Friday, July 10, 2009

new blog!!!!

update your bloglist people I have finally took the time to make a new blog address....kinsey family 4 hasnt been 4 for a long time now and it was about time I updated it:)

so follow me to my new blog...which is still in decorating mode
mwah B

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 4th

Just a shout out of thanks to all those who serve our country. We are so blessed and I think most of the time we forget how lucky we are. I spent the day in classic forth of july form. Friends, BBQ, swimming, and fireworks. Here are a few shots of the fun
hope everyones forth was a good one

the ricos

this pics more about little bills sad face as the pool closed :)

gross pool hair and all off to the fireworks

Friday, July 3, 2009

swept away

 I know Im never going to hear this end of this but I am more excited and wrapped up in this movie and waiting for it to release than......twilight. do I adore twilight yes but this story and the beauty of this film is perfect. If I was as wrapped up in the preview I can only imagine what 2 solid hours will be like
I need to finish reading the book first!!!!

ofcourse twilights next on my cant wait list ....then my sisters keeper! 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My world consist of

My world consist of two thing right now, my kidlets and weddings. Sooooo all I have pics of is clients, me and my kids lol. I focus as much time as I can on my babies. The night I got home from my cali wedding I was so excited to see their sweet faces. We did a few fireworks, ate on the front lawn and enjoyed our newest game....Little billy and kaitlyn ask a MILLION "what if we did not have(fill in the blank here)" questions.  They ask everything from what if we didnt have gas stations to what if we didnt have toes. When they asked what if we didnt have gas stations I naturally said " well we couldnt use our cars without gas." But what I was thinking was .... crap!! where would I get my drinks at?
I have also been trying to fit in my workouts. I got myself a trainer to help maximize time. But its been really frustrating when I realize somedays I really dont even have a hour to do something like workout for myself. 
Kitkat had her last day of school today and its so strange to think she will be in first grade. she wont have half days anymore and *tear* Im prepping billy for pre school. This is way to fast I about died when kitkat was in preschool and now my little man is gonna grow up too. Kaitlyns getting so smart, shes reading pretty well and loves to write. I have noticed something about her that makes me just tickled. She memorizes music quickly just like I always have. I can listen to a song once or twice and be able to sing along, well now kitkat is my duet partner. Today she rocked out a little Feist and I was a proud mommy. 

heres a few pics from the last bit. yes yes Im shooting like crazy and I have the coolest brides. some of them truly become my friends

the soundtrack for my cali trip....regina

mr A himself...then me (B) and where the crap is C? Michael (aka A) is such a funny dude. I shot his wifes sisters wedding last fall in nauvoo and loved getting to work with his side of the family too. I dont stop laughing around these people.

 back home and some firework fun

a pic from a walk

then I was lucky enough to catch up with one of my oldest friends marci ..while I shot her daughter ofcourse. But we are doing dinner before she moves to cali :( - SO CHRISTY YOU better make time for it-

 a few of my recent brides and I

ashley and I being sassy

last one is one of my VERY favorite brides. Alex and her mother always kept me laughing and scored soooo many points by always bring a full throttle on our shoots :)

oh and I did get to unwrap these 2.5 inch thick canvas wraps :) :) :) kitkats seasonal piece is 24 by 36 and the bridal is 20 by 40

I took these with my mac so the quailty is crappy but you get the idea

 hopefully I will have a more thrilling blog post next week 
(side note make sure and watch americas got talent! I feel special to be friends with the fab five )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad and some extra goodness

Happy fathers day dad! I love you and Im thankful for the wonderful examples you and mom are!
One of the things I got from my dad is my love of music. thanks for sharing your great taste, enya will forever remind me of you. 

what a week....I had several shoots and two weddings! I even managed to scrub my house which shouldn't seem that big a deal, but it is with my lack of time! My house can get super messy. Lets see if I can keep billy from destroying the place lol... 
Also I will be moving back to layton in a month and I am excited but also bummed. I always hate when it just doesnt feel like home! I found a cute house and Im giving my friend my card and permission to decorate. I love cute house stuff but the moment I walk in the store I get overwhelmed and say ahhhh does this go? what do I really want? do I like this style or this style? Then I think, well I can go to nordstrom and pick out clothing. I know I like it so I should just spend my money there! lol

me and my little man! I adore him but we are in the process of training my mess maker to not be so ..messy :)

This is my future man if anyone was wondering. If I had to pick a "type"....this is it. A mans man whos rough around the edges. mr drover I heart you.
ps see Australia if you haven't yet its a current fav! epic

Saturday, June 20, 2009

yesterday and tomorrow

I wish my updates had more personal life in them but it seems these days works all I do. Thank goodness my clients are awesome to work with.

Yesterday I got to shoot possibly my favorite utah temple. The draper temple is stunning, yes its smaller and the grounds are hard to work with but the temple it self is beautiful. I love the lines and it holds a look of strength... a masculine but alluring look. I drove up to it a few times while it was being built and loved looking out over the valley. Anyways my friend aryion got married yesterday at the draper temple and I could not be happier for her. Together her and brett have 6 kids and to see them rush up to the newlyweds as they walked out brought tears to my eyes. They all just looked so excited about their new family.

some of you might not know this but I became friends with these girls after I shot their family portraits last summer! next came sushi then chatting on the now being some of my best friends! sadly I had to work and couldn't go to the dinner the night before the wedding!

tomorrow I get to wake up early and head down to this thing of beauty

manti wedding ...cant wait

now completely off the topic. Im getting prepped to try and get a shot like this one of Billy! I want to have them both hanging as a seasonal piece ....

but do you see this stinker? hahahha I dont think my idea will go as planned!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthdays and girlfriends

One of our friends lori had a birthday last week so we all went to mimis cafe to celebrate! After the dinner I jetted over to jonis so rico could show off his new toy. He was super tickled with! anywho it was nothing glamorous but still just as fun.  This weekend Im super excited cause Im heading off to a workshop and also have a wedding to shoot! A fun filled photo weekend ahead! yippie!
xoxo B

being nerds ....showing off ricos new toy. I love that we are watching  Heman or something